Music played by New Zealand bands through the 70’s to 90’’s was raw and exciting, strange and eclectic, heavy, country and everything in between. Listeners were spoilt for choice. Bands would tour frequently so it wouldn’t take long to get your sound in front of as many listeners as possible.

There were plenty of inspirational acts such as Split Enz, Neil Finn (who is now in Fleetwood Mac)
Dance Exponents, Dave Dobbyn, Dragon, Herbs, Blerta … These bands became successful throughout Australasia and some on an International stage.

These were all hard working acts and inspirational for any young aspiring musician.

‘The formula’ for potential ‘success’ was made of several parts. Arrange a tour, slap up posters, drive a van, set up and Rock!! However, any number of  early pioneers of N.Z. original music would paint a broader picture of the relentless grind of being ‘on the road’…

…Hire an over-priced booking agent, an expensive and heavy PA system, a sound tech and a light tech, a van that’s prone to malfunction, share a gig with a club DJ and all the while don’t think about the money. You would sleep in, eat bad food, do a sound check complete with hangover, have a messy game of pool, eat more bad food, play the gig then hang with mates, fans, girls …legend!

Before meeting in 2002 Pat and Cam were both a part of this vibrant touring lifestyle and ‘chasing the dream’.

Being innovative players and avid learners;  having played many styles of music;  having a mutual love of practicing and improvising and both now living in Hawkes Bay, it was inevitable that we would meet sooner or later.  We played some casual gigs and the chemistry was huge. We talked a bit, didn’t see each other for periods of time and kept tabs on where we were at feeling that there would be a ‘right time’ for something important.  As fate would have it,  August 2014 was that moment of epiphany…. why are we not working together on our own music? We owe it to ourselves to be doing this.

We have spent the last 5 years writing, arranging, jamming and recording our sound and we are extremely driven by the Infinity entity…

….the Infinity Duo was born from a huge back story, a story that has a thousand unwritten pages but one that leads to the same conclusion, “we have something special here and we believe in it”.  We have found a way to harness growth in our craft and within ourselves. We call it Infinity.  “Infinity”, the Instrumental Rock Duo