Artistic Freedom

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Infinity’s music tells a story.”… The music is Instrumental with a Rock foundation which in itself is unusual. There’s a lot of great music out there in the world where vocals are not a part of the sound. In Jazz, Classical, Ambient and Electronic music your mind is not directed by lyric content. New Zealand music critic Graham Reid describes the track Camerooned from the Infinity Album as “exploring a self-proscribed world of melodic and cosmic weightlessness” … A result that’s difficult to achieve when using words. Graham really dug that tune … ( and we know you will dig it too).

There’s an empowerment, even a spiritual quality that sits alongside the way we are able to make music. Hence we have made absolutely no moves to attract attention from record labels. This is much to the confusion of some of our peers and music critics.  It’s not even about a resistance to the record industry as there are benefits to being on a label.  It’s totally about our unbreakable belief in our music and OUR need to get it right. From an initial point of inspiration around writing new and fresh material, being discerning and free of genre boundaries – there is no creative pressure in the studio and no time constraint in any part of the process, from writing through to post production.

In our world philosophy the idea of boundaries is redundant so we simply chose to do our thing early on.  As a consequence our approach to recording ends up capturing a hell of a lot of spontaneity which is essentially ENERGY.  The opposite can also apply when a song is over rehearsed and it loses it’s spark. ( and we try not to do that).

Music is a powerful force which stimulates and energizes. There’s a huge positive field out there in the world and it promotes artistic expression, personal growth, happiness, all around good health, and great relationships in general.


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