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Infinity was a big accident… it didn’t start out with any particular identity or vision. It was simply Adrenalin. Looking back now we can see clearly that the instant buzz of playing together and talking about ideas and possibilities was leading us to creating something special. We were bringing a collaboration of material and skills together that were born from decades of learning, playing, listening and never at any point… giving up.

At a time in our lives when many of our contemporaries were running out of steam, we were experiencing a massive re-charge with the new sounds and grooves that were spilling out. Suddenly we had a vehicle whereby we could express our inner-most and dive into the kaleidoscope of our musical libraries.

Pat says…

“I have always loved instrumental music and since 1984 had been building a catalogue of original instrumental works. From time to time I would present such ideas to players I was working with but mostly the tunes didn’t fly… 

…then I met Cameron Budge and all that changed. In August 2014  we decided to dive in boots and all”.

We decided to test the waters by playing house parties and a few public gigs and it was instantly confirmed that the sound was working. Soon after these shows we set out to make a demo of the dozen or so tunes that were developing.

We approached Aaron Cash at Newsong Studio, Hastings, NZ. Aaron was a similar age and also had a long career in playing and recording music. He loved our sound and was sympathetic to our way of working which involved a lot of improvisation. He has great ears, feels time impeccably and is never afraid to offer an uncensored opinion. 

It took about 2-3 days of listening to those demo recordings for it to become obvious that something special was happening.  We felt we had created half an album and Aaron was overwhelmingly on board with taking it to the next level.  Over time we re-arranged and added to the other half of our recorded jams to complete what would become the inaugural Infinity Album.

Since that early time and having completed our second Album Icy Blue Planet, Aaron has become a great friend and a necessary third person in Infinity’s recording process.

We do what we do because we love it… 










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