“Get uplifted”…Experience the global ‘guitar-centric’ sounds and groove mastery from two of New Zealand’s most talented musicians … it’s all here beautifully crafted by Down-Under’s mesmerizing Instrumental Rock Duo ‘Infinity’

Let ‘Infinity’ take you on a Journey of  Heart, Earth and Space.

For a limited time Infinity is giving away three groovy tracks selected from their albums ‘Infinity’ and ‘Icy Blue Planet’.  Just enter your name and email address shown on this page and you will be immediately sent the download link to these 3 tracks.

Infinity are a collaboration that began in 2014 in sunny Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Five years and two album’s later Infinity have a place of their own. They have created a sound that has been described by New Zealand’s music press as “impressively diverse” and “highly listenable”

Infinity are not bound by genre, thus you will find Space Rock, Jungle Groove’s, Edgy Guitar Rock, Hip Jazz, Oriental and African flavours all sitting comfortably together in their expanding catalogue.

So enter your name and email address now, load up your iPod, and enjoy this Hawke’s Bay Duo’s progressive and engaging textures and melodies as their songs weave through their many shades and moods.

…and hey, here’s what music critics are saying about our self titled ‘Infinity’ Album

“There is a poise and craft on offer here that really is impressive” SUNLIVE N.Z.

“As the songs progress and weave their way through their many shades and moods you have to remind yourself it is instrumental music despite the lack of lyrics providing a story-line”. Stu Edwards – NZ MUSICIAN

Infinity has an angelic calmness to their music. The release is thus a journey; a paced exploration of sound and technique…There is a plethora of cultures and styles on display”. BUTCH181 MUSIC.NET.NZ

“It’s one of those timeless CD.s”… PERREAUX SOUND


…and the ‘ICY BLUE PLANET’ album critiques are just great.

“It goes without saying these guys can really play and that in their desire to avoid the boundaries between genres they can float freely between various styles with ease”.  Graham Reid, Elsewhere NZ.

“Infinity’ suggests the probability of all possibilities and the possibility of all probabilities”…

…”The musicianship and production is impeccable, which makes this second serving from Infinity one to dine out on”. Mike Alexander, MUZIC.NET.NZ